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One of the greatest tragedies of the Christian church today is that it worships a God it does not really know. "Worship 101: Discovering the God We Worship in 101 Ways" seeks to help us understand who God is. The book presents a combination of 101 names, attributes and characteristics of God directly from the Bible (with supporting verses) which may be used to enhance our worship experience. 

Worship 101 is punctuated by several sections of down to earth practical suggestions aimed at moving our worship experience from the superficial to one based on real knowledge, increased reverence and intimacy with God. One of the beautiful qualities of Worship 101 is its universal appeal for Christians of all denominations. Because the major emphasis is on scripture, rather than personal opinions, the book will be attractive to a wide range of believers from the traditional/conservative to the modern/liberal. This book is one that will be valuable to young Christians and inspiring to older ones.

Worship 101: Discovering the God We Worship in 101

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