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Enoch was one of only two persons in history who did not die, but was “taken” by God. Why was this? What does Enoch know that we do not? In The Enoch Treasure, Dr. Christopher Cunningham, unmasks the genealogy of Adam found in Genesis 5 (where a few obscure verses about Enoch are found), to reveal seven priceless nuggets that can transform the life of every reader. Considered by some as a filler passage between the important parts of scripture, this often overlooked chapter of the Bible contains the key to a life without limits. This transformative book explores why God walks with man. The Enoch Treasure teaches the lessons we may learn about living a fulfilling and rewarding life from our “Walking Partner” and how we may change our circumstances as well as those of the people around us.

Ground-breaking, thought-provoking and heartfelt! As race relations in America continue to hang in the balance, author Dr. Christopher Cunningham produces an extraordinarily powerful book, outlining his observations and personal experiences of racial issues in his voyage of self-discovery, with noteworthy and insightful conclusions. Cunningham takes us through his personal journey as the black pastor of a predominantly white church.

In a self-deprecating and relatable manner, he highlights his mistakes, faux pas, and growth, as he traversed uncharted territory with his congregants and friends. He discusses his heartaches as well as insults received, congregants lost and opportunities missed. Along the way he introduces us to some of the people who God placed in his path to rub off some of the rough racial edges and facilitate the process of transformation beyond walking on eggshells around each other.

You May Be White, But You’re Alright takes the very unusual step of a black pastor writing specifically to a white audience, but Cunningham does it in a manner that is sensitive, gracious and sincere, making the book relevant to blacks and other races as well. The book highlights the role that people groups can play to realize God’s redemptive purposes in the world, and reminds us that at the root of it, we are all God’s creations, made in His very image, exactly how He intended.

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Cunningham points out the necessity of acknowledging both the great heritage of the white race as well as its littered past as a precursor to ultimate racial healing and the path to reconciliation. With its many challenges, vital lessons learned and significant alliances formed, this book offers great hope and optimism that both whites and blacks can work together to eradicate racism, form significant bonds and build a world where the beauty of God is displayed through the diversity of His people.

The book is now available on Please click the link above to purchase.  If you like the book, please leave a feedback on Amazon. Thanks so much for your help in spreading the word.

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